The Orgin Of African Musk Scented Oil

The Orgin of African Musk Scented Oil
The main ingredient in the original African Musk scented oil aroma was a musk called civetone. This ingredient was obtained from the musk glands of an African cat like animal called a Civet. Most other musks were obtained from the glands of the Musk Deer but civetone was prized for its unique aroma and is reported to have healing qualities. This musk is produced synthetically now, but there are still some places in Africa where perfumers prefer to use the real thing. The musk was originally obtained by killing the civet and removing the pineal or musk glands. Nowadays it is obtained by scraping the musk glands of the live Civet.

It is still used by some perfumers but because of animal cruelty advocates they use it clandestinely. Civetone was an ingredient in many fragrances during its heyday to include Channel No 5 but with the advent of synthetic fragrances and their sophistication the synthetics are used to do the job rather effectively.

Some of the ingredients used to produce Arfican Musk Scented oil are rose, patchouli, and sandalwood. There are many others but perfumers do not like to disclose ingredients and methods of extracting and blending so that they can prevent their work from being duplicated. African Musk scented oil generally comes in a green color although it is sometimes clear. We offer the green African Musk because it seems to be the most popular of the two. I really believe that people prefer it because of the green color. I personally enjoy wearing this musk oil from time to time and I think that it has a wonderful aroma. This scented oil aroma is worn by both men and women.

We have had very good customer response to this product which is still very popular even though it has been around for quite a while.

African musk is a good year round aroma but I think that it is best for warm weather wear. It lends itself to both formal and casual dress ocassions. My personal preference would be to wear it with dressy casual clothing or casual clothing which is not totally relaxed. It lends itself to some type of dress because of its sophisticated aroma.

The wearer can feel comfortable with it in just about any social situation day or night but I would not classify it as an early morning type of aroma. I feel more comfortable with this aroma when I am enjoying a casual social setting such as sightseeing, a walk around town, or a light meal in a cafe. I would feel comfortable wearing it in a relaxed social gathering with nice dress jeans or dress slacks.

African Musk scented oil is used by both men and women it has a fragrant aroma which is not sweet or cloying. The second and third notes are excellent and I don’t know which one is best. African musk oil does havs a long lasting aroma. It is not a loud scent but a little goes a long way.