The Most Effective Social Media Marketing Johannesburg

Internet marketing is proving to be the most preferred tool of marketing a company and its related products. The increase in demand on internet or online marketing is attributed to the revolution of information technologically specifically the internet. Internet has made the world smaller with more people gaining access to the web every day. This provides the best platform to target the largest audience as opposed to the traditional ways of marketing such as using mass media e.g. newspapers, magazines or broadcasting via the television or radio. Their various avenues used in internet marketing, this include search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing and affiliate marketing.

Social media marketing is of the best channels a company can use to market itself. Social media marketing is described as the process of pulling the traffic towards a company’s services via use of social media sites such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, you tube etc. The social media has become a buzzword where everyone seems to be affiliated to one or more social media sites. This creates the largest pool of people that are easily reachable within the shortest period of time and at the most cost effective manner. Attributes of using social media marketing in Johannesburg include the following:

Enhanced customer engagement: The social media platform is operated using the mobile phones, smart phones and tablets, most people own a phone in the society thereby providing the largest market to a company. With the message appearing to originate from a peer rather than a third party, the message is more trusted among users hence is easily conveyed to other friends making it have a larger impact.

Increasing traffic effectively: Constant re-forwarding of messages between people ensures the message in on the move without ceasing, this phenomenon keeps happening on a round the clock basis thus attracting newer audience as well as keeping the current audience engaged. By a company joining social media blog forums or posting and re-tweeting as part of a larger group, the bond of loyalty makes other users value the company’s services more due to the personal touch of the whole experience.

Cost effective: Unlike the cost incurred by using traditional media such as newspapers, magazines, holding exhibitions, trade fairs, banners , flyers or broadcast media like radio and television, social media advertisement cost much less. The cost of participating in the social media strategy involves signing up to a social media network and participating in blog forums, tweeting and updating the information. The people in the social networks are updated of new products or development in real time. By using advertisement such as pop up screens, banner adverts in the company’s social media page, the users will constantly be reminded of products. Smart phones also allow a user via the social media to access the company’s website anytime and anywhere.

Combining the various advantages of the social media sites available in the market will create the best social media marketing in Johannesburg. These include LinkedIn for professional profiling, Instagram for photo uploading, YouTube for graphical advertising, Twitter to add a personal touch to the advert etc.