The Culture Of Maharashtra

Maharashtra is one state of India that is one of the best examples of the places which have preserved their cultural and social values. It is the second most populated state of India, which has welcomed people from every part of India.

The cultural aspects can be clearly seen in the daily attire and the food habits. The dress of ladies include colourful sari, having beautiful border, which are also worn during rituals in Marathi Matrimony. The Paithni saris are most popular among the Marathi woman. For daily wear, females wear women wear colourful braided saris, while the girls wear embroidered choli studded with crystals. Women also love wearing salwar suits. Traditionally, Marathi men wear dhotis and phetas, but now due to fast paced life and changing fashion, guys also wear trendy clothes, as well as formal wear. The impact of western world is evident in the dressing sense of the people these days. However, the respect of people towards their culture is also evident.

The Marathi food is really sumptuous and mouth watering, which include a range of Konkan and Varadi cuisines. The food will definitely attract any one to gorge. However, Marathi people use extra spices in the cuisine, but this distinguishes the Marathi cuisine from other food and is the specialty of the dishes. Road side dishes like Ghadichi Poli, Bhakri, Poha, Vada Pav, Pav Bhaji, Bhelpuri, Pani Puri, Batata Wada, ragda patties, and many more are world dishes, which are very popular in other states too. Desserts like Puran Poli, Modak, Basundi, Shrikhand, Ambaacha ras, and others are really mouth watery. The taste of Mumbai chat is world famous, which are mostly available at unbeatable prices on the roadside stalls.

A very important part of the culture of any state is the dance form which the residents practice. These beautiful dance forms include Povada, Lavani and Koli, where the dancers dance on traditional music and rhythmic movements. The folk dances of the state are Dhangri Gaja, Dindi, Kala and Tamasha, which are really entertaining and very much attract the international tourists.

To learn about the Maharashtrian culture, no other occasion rather than wedding could be perfect. The Marathi matrimony involves the simplest forms of rituals. The customs and traditions followed at a wedding is the best description of a culture of a clan. To understand the culture of community, the best way is to attend the wedding ceremony, and observe the rituals being followed at the time of wedding. The rituals in a Marathi wedding are very simple and the people follow their rituals very religiously.

India weddings have always been celebrated with great grandeur and involved grandiose traditions. Weddings are the most religious occasion, where the social values define the unity in the family as well as the social circles. There are varied customs and traditions which Marathi community still follows in every special occasion and festival. The culture has not yet gone through any type of deterioration over time, which is commendable. However, one can observe some new additions in the traditions, including Marathi matrimony according to new fashion.