Some Things You Should Know While Filing An Application For Social Security Disability Benefits

Two million people Apply for Social Security Disability benefits annually. Among these just 30 percent are accepted at the preliminary stage of the Disability Application process. The main reasons for which preliminary applications gets turned down are insufficient information, misinterpretation of the requirements for disability/ inappropriate preparation of the verification provided. It is vital that those making an application for disability benefits understand the necessities and what they can do to better their chances of getting a decision in their favor. Ahead of Applying for Social Security Disability benefits you should try to answer the questions given below.

Are you having sufficient Work Credits?

Two sorts of Social Security benefits are offered to those who are disabled. SSDI happen to be meant for those without adequate work credits for being eligible for disability benefits. Workers disbursing into the Social Security plan are generally given four credits yearly. Credits necessary for being eligible for SSDI benefits will fluctuate on the basis of your age & your work history.

Those without sufficient credits for being eligible for SSDI benefits may be eligible for SSI benefits. SSI happens to be disability program that is needs based. To be able to get SSI payments the household earnings and assets of a person must be lower than a specific level.

Can you provide appropriate Medical Evidence?

The medical records of a person are largely responsible in deciding whether he/she is qualified to be given Social Disability benefits. Those without appropriate medical records might be turned done on Applying for Disability. One should make copies of his/her medical records ahead of filing a disability claim and ensure that such records consist of documentation of his/her disability and how it renders him/her incapable of doing any work.

Can you get a statement from your doctor?

Those who can get a written statement from their doctor confirming that their disability renders them incapable of doing any work have much more chances for being accepted for disability benefits. A person should discuss his/her plan of applying for benefits with the doctor / doctors who are taking care of his/her condition and also ask them whether they are prepared to supply a written account on his/her medical condition and how it has an effect on his/her ability to execute work activity that he/she might gain from.

There are also other questions that must be answered like whether you require treatment, whether you require being present at a Consultative Exam, whether you are able to work while filing an application for Disability and whether you require the services of a lawyer.