Personal Interactions Using Social Media

Traditional media are fantastic tools for broadcasting information or sending information to a large number of people. When using traditional media there could be a feedback mechanism, but feedback are not always instantaneous. You could get the results that you desire from advertising through traditional media but you cannot always get quick answers from the clients. When you use social media, if you need feedback or answers from the public, you can do so. If you have a good number of followers online, you can really use social media to get the information you need from your followers without spending a lot of money on market research.

Personal interaction is what fuels social media. It is what separates social media from traditional media. It is at the heart of social media. Personal interaction is what keeps social media live. Because there are so many people sharing information online, social networks become truly alive and interactive. The interactions are where social networks draw their power from. Social networks are useless if people do not use them to communicate. It is the different uses that people have discovered and use social media for that have made social media truly interesting and exciting.

Some people may decide not to use social media to interact with clients and use them to send out information to other people but there are also people and companies that will choose social media to interact with other people. By using social media to interact with clients and potential clients, companies are really taking advantage of the functions of social media. Social networks bridge the gap between companies and the public. Now the public can easily communicate not just with companies they previously didn’t have means to reach. Social networks can also be used to follow and communicate with celebrities.

With social media, it is the users that create contents, share information, forward the information to others, and provide feedback online. The people and the information they share online keep social media alive. Without the interactions, social media won’t have too many advantages over traditional media. It is the interaction that really makes social media a powerful communication tool. Because of social media, the flow of information is free and anyone can be an information source. Unlike before when the flow of information is controlled by a few people involved in reporting, writing, editing and producing news. Now everyone can be part of the creation, and the spreading of news and information.