How Social Security Disability Appeal Maryland Can Help A Disabled Individual

The social security disability (SSD) insurance is a payroll tax-funded insurance program for the people living in the US. The social security administration has the huge task of managing this program, which aims at providing relief to the physically challenged or differently-abled people by giving them income supplements. Since, the person is unemployed due to some physical or mental restriction, the government gives them money on a permanent or temporary basis, depending on their ailments. The social security disability insurance is paid to individuals irrespective of their income, i.e., below or above the poverty line. Any individual with a notable disability can apply for social security disability in Annapolis or anywhere else in the US.

Who Qualifies For Applying For SSD Insurance?

They need to be suffering from some physical or mental disability that prevents them from getting employment.
The disability has to be one that lasts for over a year or results in death.
The person applying for the insurance will have to be less than 65 years of age.

A person fulfilling the above criteria becomes eligible to apply for social security disability in Annapolis. After applying, they would have to wait for about 120 days for the applications to get processed. But, unfortunately, most people who apply are denied the first time. In such cases, one can appeal like social security appeal in Maryland.

Why Do People Get Denied the First Time?
Most claimants applying for social security disability gets denied because of the large number of application that comes in. A claimants chances increase when they appeal because they get an opportunity for getting their case heard by an administrative law judge.

Steps For Social Security Appeal in Maryland

There are four steps by which one can appeal his/her social security disability insurance after being rejected during the first time.
The first step is to request the authorities to reconsider their application.
After reconsideration, one gets a chance to be heard in front of an administrative law judge. Here the individual can come in person and make his case be heard.
If you’re not satisfied with the verdict then you can appeal higher to the social security appeals council requesting them to review the judgment passed by the administrative law judge.
For further appeal, one can go to the federal courts.

The United States of America is home to billions of people. A large number of them suffer from one or other physical or mental condition that restricts them from getting a job and living a normal life. The social security disability insurance goes a long way in helping those individuals better their lives. Do not get disheartened when you apply for social security disability in Annapolis or any other US state, and it gets rejected the first time. Take the next step and try to take it all the way. Social security appeal in Maryland has helped people claim their insurance after being rejected.